iStar: Where Careers Begin and Business Grows

A college education seems the natural course in today’s world. It’s how you get ahead and develop yourself in your chosen career field.

But, as is often the case, things change. You change. Your employment situation changes. Maybe you took whatever job you could in a tough job market to support your family, but now it’s just not enough. You know you deserve more. You know you can do more. Maybe you’ve been affected by the dreaded downsizing of your company and find yourself without a job at all.

At iStar we’ve been helping students of all ages and stages evolve within themselves, within industry, and their career goals for decades. We’ve seen the struggle. The excitement. The change.

A training initiative dedicated and provided to helping people who are underemployed, or unemployed altogether, not only get valuable certified training that will re-launch their careers, but also access to area businesses looking to hire quality candidates directly from the iStar program.

Innovative Strategic Training Achieving Results, or iStar, is an initiative that offers training in two of business’ fastest growing fields: IT and Industrial Automation. And it offers employers highly trained employees right out of the gate.


If you find yourself underemployed or unemployed and want to consider an exciting, well-paid career in IT or Industrial Automation, learn if you qualify and get in touch. We’re happy to answer your questions!

Employers having trouble finding employees in the skilled trades to fill the vacancies of an aging and retiring workforce, check out your options here.